Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nominations 1 - 5 - References only

If you want a quick list, and don’t want to sort through the posts, here are our current WITS that are up for paper of the year:

Beddor, P. S.; McGowan, K. B.; Boland, J. E.; Coetzee, A. W., & Brasher, A. (2013). The time course of perception of coarticulation. JASA, 133, 2350 – 2366.

Goslin, J.; Duffy, H.; and Floccia, C. 2012. An ERP investigation of regional and freign accent processing. Brain and Language, 122, 92 – 102.

Grossberg, S. 2013. Adaptive Resonance Theory: How a brain learns to consciously attend, learn, and recognize a changing world.  Neural Networks, 37, 1 – 47.

Szakay, A., Babel, M., & King, J. (2012). Sociophonetic markers facilitate translation priming: Maori English GOAT – a different kind of animal. In H. Prichard (ed.), UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics, 18: Selected Papers from NWAV 40, pp. 137 – 146.

Weber, A., & Scharenborg, O. (2012). Models of spoken-word recognition. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science3, 387–401. doi:10.1002/wcs.1178

Remember to nominate your papers, and upload the PDFs to our Mendeley library!!!

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